Wide range of surveying services on the Eyre Peninsula

Before purchasing, subdividing, or before and after building, have a licensed surveyor conduct an accurate land assessment. For the best surveying services on the Eyre Peninsula,  P A Dansie & Associates Pty Ltd is your primary choice.

Protect your investment

Getting an accurate land assessment ensures a fair deal when purchasing land. Don't leave it to chance. A myriad problems that may not be immediately apparent can arise with a property and could cost you dearly in the future. Consult  P A Dansie & Associates Pty Ltd first.

Ensure land is suitable and ready for building

Uncover any possible weaknesses on and under the land before building to ensure your development is successful. This could save you substantial time and money in the long term. Surveying services can also assess your completed development for peace of mind.

Subdivide with precision

When subdividing land it is essential that it is done with the utmost precision. The smallest inaccuracy could cost you dearly and cause anguish to the parties involved.

Using P A Dansie & Associates Pty Ltd to provide your surveying services in Port Lincoln and the surrounding region will ensure that everything is as it should be.

Land assessment tool